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How much time did you spend (or are you spending) on creating a Magnificent WEDDING DAY?

Now, how much time are you spending on an AMAZING MARRIAGE?

Do you want a very special resource that will allow your marriage to thrive (not merely survive)?

We take a full year, and sometimes more, to prepare for the big day — but really it is only a day. Why not take a little time out to make sure that the REST OF YOUR LIVES are filled with joy and that you have set each other up to win, EVEN IN CONFLICT!.

  • Do you want to know what it really takes to transcend the daily obstacles and frustrations that arise in loving and committed relationships?
  • How about how to change any difficult conversation into an easy one?

Marriage can be fun, rewarding, and mutually beneficial. There are tools to set the 2 of you up for the Happily Ever After that you deserve.

These tools are very simple and easy for you to ensure that the REST OF YOUR LIVES are filled with joy and that you have set each other up to win, EVEN IN CONFLICT!

Now the question is, "How?"

In this four class series, let me teach you what it really takes to transcend the daily obstacles and frustrations that arise in loving and committed relationships.

  • Learn what you each need in order to forgive
  • Get easy tools to get in sync in a heartbeat
  • Know how to Resolve Conflict with Compassion and in Partnership
  • And get crystal clear on how you want to impact each other, your community and the planet!

As you may know, I was deeply in love, but I had no tools for resolving conflict. I had no idea how to be a good mate. I did a TON of work to figure out what I was doing that just didn’t work, and how to replace it with tools that DID. I have learned how to be an amazing partner to my husband, and we approach all of our problems, even those IN OUR RELATIONSHIP from the position of Win/Win.

The work that I have done was won by hardship and trial and error. I sought a TON of help from masters all over the globe. This class series will introduce to you a distillation of hundreds and hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of work, soul searching and training, workshops, books — on top of all of the experience that was earned in the lab of my relationship.

Learn from my mistakes and successes!

As you go forward in your life together, learn from my mistakes and successes! So, If you are ready to take the time to protect your relationship against the common mistakes that we all make, and you want to set a sturdy foundation of teamwork and partnership that lasts a lifetime, then join me for this immense resource of these amazing tools and tips.

I welcome you to Wedded Bliss. It is possible and sustainable!

Let’s face it, any time 2 people get together, there can be conflict, we bring in all our old histories and our personal habits of communication and resolving conflict. Take the time to learn a few tools how to give your marriage the edge up! Set yourselves up to win and join me for this call!

This is a 4 class series that packs in A BUNCH of content from my SIX month system that costs hundreds of dollars a month to coach with me privately. Vj and I take couples on retreats and teach these same tools (for a whole lot of money!).

For the first time, you have the opportunity to learn the tools at a very affordable price and at your own pace.

You’ll get a large binder with a Manual, Worksheets, and 5 audio CDs — all for only $147! You have access to this life-changing material normally only offered through my normal coaching or our cozy retreats — at a tiny fraction of the cost!

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You can do the lessons at your own pace:

Whether you want to do one a week, one a month or go away for a cozy self-guided retreat, like Vj and I do. You will be getting all the foundational tools that we offer our couples who spend thousands to come to our retreats. If you are ready to get this powerful toolbox, join us on the path to bliss and mutual fulfillment, please click the Add to Cart button to purchase.

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"Before working with Sarah, my partner Gretchen and I were losing hope in our relationship. It was as if we were speaking different languages and were unable to interpret each other’s needs, thoughts, and feelings. Sarah operated as our translator and helped us decipher each other, patching through the code needed for us to understand each other. Through Sarah’s simple, positive and inspiring lessons, we now hold the key to our own success in our relationship. I have joyfully assimilated these tools into my being, and regularly apply them when communicating with my partner. We now have clear communication and are starting to drop the old negative patterns that were breaking us apart for several years." ~Joshua, Seattle, WA

"One of the things I want most in life is to have a strong, loving and empowering relationship with my partner. Working with Sarah for just one hour, I was opened up to a whole new approach for how to show up in my relationship. It has had an amazing effect. It has enhanced my ability to communicate during difficult situations, my ability to ask for what I need in a clear, concise and loving way, and my desire to love my partner the way he deserves to be loved. Relationships are what life is about and this has done wonders for mine!" ~Dani, Seattle